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About us:


We began operating as a limited partnership in 2001 and in 2005 became a limited liability company. With her 25 years of professional experience and the resultant professional, financial and quality assurance policy, the managing director has ensured continuous development. Our office in the capital of Hungary is situated in a readily accessible location, in the Budapest Congress & World Trade Center.


We are a young company but one which has decades of experience, thanks to the professional background of its founding members and its contracted employees. Whilst our principal activity consists of translation, we also accept commissions for interpreting work. We can also provide foreign language-speaking hostesses if our clients wish. Our contracted translators and interpreters all have diplomas or university degrees, a number of years of experience in the profession and experience of living in countries where their languages are used. We also have a number of native speaker translators/interpreters and proofreaders. We are able to provide translators for any language in the world. We currently work in 42 languages (e.g. Slovenian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Arabic, Catalan, Ukrainian, Macedonian, to mention just a few) in different combinations. We translate not only in Hungary but also abroad.


The other area of our language mediation activity is teaching, which also includes the practical training of translators and people connected to the translation process. Our one‑to‑one language courses are tailored to individual needs and take place in-company or by correspondence. This method means that, depending on the language, you will be able to communicate perfectly in your chosen language within 1-2 years. A guarantee of the effectiveness of our language exam preparation courses is that the managing director is language examinations expert for the Language Accreditation Association. We also run practical translation courses which attract participants from Hungary and abroad.


Our publishing activities are aimed primarily at foreign language publications, but we also deal with the production of teaching materials. This also covers editing handbooks and brochures relating to our principal activity.


Our management consulting service is not what is traditionally known in Hungary as consultation (accountancy, legal advice, finding business partners, drawing up tenders), although we do also provide these services where required. Our consulting activities focus principally on assisting Hungarian companies seeking information about foreign investment, business opportunities and everything that these entail, without taking unnecessary business risks. We also provide information on opportunities in Hungary for foreign investors.


In order that we can maintain and continuously improve the quality of our activities, we are constantly expanding our personnel database, and we use both traditional and modern business organisation and marketing strategy methods in developing our network of contacts, something which is indispensable for the work of organising and implementing various types of projects involving different nations.


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