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Dear Visitor,


This homepage has been developed partly in order to inform you of the range of activities of this company so that you will, as we hope, choose to work in partnership with us, but also so that you can take advantage of our services wherever you are in the world and, if you so wish, pay for these by bank card. This will enable you to avail yourselves of a fast, accurate, 24-hour service which provides outstanding quality, and to do so in comfort and in a time- and effort- saving way.


Our main activities are translation and interpreting. This work is done by contracted translators and interpreters, all of whom have diplomas and university degrees and a number of years of experience in the profession and experience of living in countries where their working languages are used. We have several mother-tongue translators, interpreters and proofreaders, and we can also arrange for work to be done abroad. We can translate specialist texts - primarily of a technical, legal, financial, social sciences and arts nature - and can provide interpreters for these fields. Our specialist translators have considerable experience in their fields and in many cases obtained their degrees or currently work in the area concerned.

You can use our homepage to find out about – and avail yourself of – our other services: we organise interpreting (including escort interpreting) in languages other than Hungarian, language courses and in-company courses. Contact us by e-mail for help from our management, financial, taxation, insurance, marketing and legal advisers or to use our publishing service.


We belong to a number of Hungarian and international organisations and the managing director has been a member of the board of the Association of Hungarian Translation Companies since 2006. As a result, our quality control and client management system is in complete conformity with Hungarian and international standards.


We hope that we have succeeded in arousing your interest, and that, after you have read the detailed information on the following pages, we will be able to welcome you as a client and partner.


Should you have any questions, or if you wish to receive at once information about any of our services which is tailored to your particular situation and a business offer, please feel free to contact us in writing. For general information, questions and price quotations regarding translation, please write to: info@alternance-business.com, and for our consulting services to: admin@alternance-business.com, or contact us by phone on +36-1-209-1489 or by fax on +36-1-279-0791.


With thanks for your interest on behalf of all our employees,

                                                                                                             Eva Simon PhD
                                                                                                              Alternance Kft
                                                                                                            managing director


 Copyright (c) 2010 Alternance Kft.